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    Sometime around the middle of 2003, I began an attempt at a graphic novel named “Molly McGinnis”.  Back then, I just graduated from college last year, and I missed my college friends quite a bit.  So I decided to do a story that reflected on campus life.
    “Molly McGinnis” was a novel about a college girl who was very immature with a grotesque sense of humor.  Set in an art school in New York City, Molly was the type of student who pretty much spent most of her social life talking about inappropriate subject matters.  That annoyed all of her friends.  She had a cousin named Wendell McGinnis who was somewhat of a sidekick to her.  I wasn’t able to get it published because the whole comic lacked a story, so I ditched the whole thing.


    Then in 2008, I decided to do a project that would get me known to the public.  So I resorted to starting a webcomic.  I recycled some of the characters from “Molly McGinnis” and gave them distinct personalities and changed their appearances a bit.  Instead of college, the story was shifted to post-high school activities.  I also moved the setting from New York to an unnamed Massachusetts town.

    I made Wendell and Molly into brothers and sisters instead of cousins.  I changed Molly’s hair from straight blond to curly brunet and made her into a vengeful potty-mouth.  I omitted Wendell’s moustache and made him a lot less outgoing to the point of shyness.

    Now I have a comic with more of a story.  But instead of a disgusting campus girl going around expressing her toilet humor… I ended up with a conflict between a devout Catholic brother, a struggling Catholic sister, and public school full of bullies.


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